Employer Brand, EVP, Brand Essence and all that Jazz…

9th August 2017
The Fable, London

Our EVP events get twice as many registrations as any other event we host during the year. Why? Because Employer Brand and EVP are a huge focus for employers of all levels across all industries.

Our 9th August Reconverse event in London featured incredible insight from Charu Malhotra (Global Head of Employer Branding @ Ferrero), who spoke about the challenges and opportunities employers face, in her presentation Employer Brand, EVP, Brand Essence and all that Jazz… What do we mean by these terms and why should we care?.

There were also be our usual Reconverse mix of roundtable discussion and speed meetings.


This event covered


- The authenticity of Conversation: If referrals lead to your best hires then it stands to reason your EVP should be more about your employee’s personalities than your corporate messaging. Storytelling over advertising?

- Measuring ROI: As we move closer to a data have driven recruitment market, as companies EVP needs to be put under the microscope, understandings need to be made as to what the value is of the return. 

- How do you control the consistency of comms?

- How do you create an external brand from internal values that appeal to your next hire?

- How can immersion help tell a story? What is the future of virtual reality and what part will it play in recruitment?

- Glassdoor, Indeed and other review sites and the part they will play in the future.


The Agenda for the day

Time Agenda
08:30 Arrival
09:00 Welcome & Introduction
09:15 Facilitated Meetings*
12:00 Roundtable Discussion 1
13:00 Sit Down Lunch
14:00 Charu Malhotra w/ Q&A
14:45 Roundtable Discussion 2
15:15 Summary & Takeaways
16:00 Open Networking w/ Drinks


* Facilitated Meetings - Individual short introductions w/ some of the UK’s leading technology and service companies.

* Roundtable Discussion - An open forum for in-house recruitment, resourcing & talent acquisition specialist. This is an opportunity for delegates to speak openly with each other in a relaxed environment.


Guest Speaker

Charu Malhotra


Some photos from the event 


EVP event



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