Assessment & Selection

2nd May 2019
Browns Covent Garden

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Assessing talent today should no longer be based on a ‘gut feel’. Subjective processes will often lead to high attrition and short tenures. The key is obtaining data which can highlight applicants who have the capabilities, potential and ‘values fit’ to succeed in your organisation.


At this event we will cover:

  • How to fight against the CV

  • How to make your company understand the benefits of using digital assessment technologies

  • How to fight against competency-based tests and interviews

  • How to define what GOOD looks like for your company

  • How to find the right online assessment tool to integrate into your process

  • How to use data in your assessment process











The Venue

Browns Covent Garden - 82-84 St Martin's Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4AG

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This event will offer:

  • Free consultations from marketing leading experts (facilitated meeting format)
  • Access to a roundtable discussion w/ industry peers + 2 in-house speakers
  • Breakfast, lunch & some of the best coffee in Covent Garden
  • Post-event networking drinks w/ industry peers


How we handle your data


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