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The Race for Tech Talent; More Showing, Less Telling

Every company is now a technology company. Even if your company isn’t developing software as its primary product, you’re still a technology company. Why? Because it’s behind every product you make or service you deliver. And to remain in front and not be part of the pack, you need a robust technical team to manage this intelligence whilst they power your innovation.


But the stakes are high in recruiting this talent. Take developers for example, as a result of a global need for their skills, they’re in high demand, across all types of companies and sectors. 


At our past event on Attracting & Engaging Technical Talent, Bertie Jenner (Head of Recruitment at Zopa) shared with us the story on how Zopa is improving their tech hiring.


At the beginning of the event we asked all attendees their main challenges in hiring tech talent, the most common being:

- Location

- Attracting tech talent in niche technologies

- Lack of technical knowledge

- Low budget

- Hiring  at volume with the ability to calibrate the quality, quickly

- Hiring senior engineers (and not being a software-based company)


If you are facing similar challenges, read on!



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For Bertie, the main challenge at Zopa was hiring quality tech talent so they came up with a strategy, based on engaging more with the candidates. Making these prospects more aware of their company story and what they can offer. Or as Berti refers to it: ‘More showing, less telling’.


In order to continue hiring enough tech talent, they started to combine direct candidate engagement, employer branding and online engagement. Some quick processes they followed where:


- Hired more recruiters, allowing each one to focus on fewer roles and engage more with the candidates, telling a more significant story.

- Engaged with agencies more effectively. With the agencies telling a more accurate story about the company, the quality of hires vastly improved.

- Started using more platforms to assist in sourcing the right talent for the company.

- Opened in other markets where tech talent was more commonly available; moving to where the talent was instead of waiting for the talent to move to them. 

- Gave candidates more access to their offices and made sure their CTO engaged with candidates outside interviews.

- Allowed those candidates to engage with their engineers, instead of talking purely to the recruiters.

- Hosted more meetups so the candidates could become more familiar with them. Resulting in more technical tests being completed.

- Improved the interview process, to fit both around their needs as well as their candidates.

- Started to leverage their employer brand by:

- Sharing more of the right content, on multiple channels to relevant audiences. 

- Started analysing and better understanding their prospects, allowing them to personalise the content and deliver the right messages.

- Used more video.

- Improved their careers page


Through the combination of these various, efficient strategies, Zopa saw a high rise in the conversion rate, increased their technical hires while reducing their recruiters’ workload.


What are you currently doing to increase your technical hires??

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Bertie Jenner - Head of Recruitment @ Zopa