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Recruiter ChatBot from Anchor Trust via RecFest

On the 6th July, 794 in-house recruitment folks packed Hawker House in London for RecFest 2017 and the largest gathering of resourcing professionals the UK has ever seen, to celebrate all things talent acquisition. Full post to follow.

The day was headlined by Anchor Trusts own Chris Wray, talking Programmatic, ChatBots and your Grandmother. Amongst other innovations, Chris gave a demo of their new recruiter chatbot and since then we've been bombarded with people asking for a recording of the demo. Whilst the full video of the presentation is in post-production, we wanted to share the actual demo video so many of you have asked for. 



Here's top line on the why and how from Chris himself: 

"A purpose built recruitment Chatbot built into Facebook Messenger, with questions that will allow us to screen and engage with candidates instantly. When someone clicks on an ad on Facebook, a conversation will immediately open in Messenger. We can also retarget people with a chat message if they did not complete their application. We have seen a 62% increase in conversion with the chatbot attached to the programmatic's."

If you want to discover the new technologies the recruitment industry is expecting for 2018, join us at RecTechFest on the 19th of October.

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