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Lifetime Achievement Award with Keith Robinson

Recfest is all about celebrating the in-house recruitment industry and all the people that are part of it. This year we wanted to do something special for someone that dedicated his entire life building and influencing the online recruitment in the UK.

Keith Robinson is a real rock star of the industry and deserves to be recognized. After suffering a heart attack a year ago with an 80% of brain damage, we were lucky to hear some great words from him at RecFest and celebrating with him a Lifetime achievement. 

For Keith, achievement means three things: courage, motivation and determination and success comes from hard work.

Some motivational words for the industry “As recruiters, your job is the most important in every company. To create great businesses, you need great people and you have a massive responsibility to achieve this, to find the thousands of talented candidates out there and get them their desired job. To create a great business, you need great people, so hire great people!”

If you missed him on the stage, you can watch the video below.



Some comments from his close friends and colleagues:

- “I don’t think people really realize what a massive contribution Keith made in the early days of online recruitment in the UK, he played an instrumental role in helping job boards to go mainstream.”

- “I first meet Keith when we launched a job board 10 years ago. Since then he has been known as the font of all knowledge.”

- “There are many kind words said about this individual but for me his description of himself is perfect, he is a human hand grenade. He loves nothing more than crossing his arms, giving you a look and then throwing in a deliberate and contentious challenge to your initiative, always amusing and forever the source of many debates.”

- “More than 20 years ago the US based recruitment advertising firm I was working for partnered with Keith in the UK to pitch the global ad business of a multinational technology company. We met for hours before the pitch, bonded immediately, and we sounded like we had been collaborating for decades. Needless to say, we won the account and celebrated, I remember nothing else.”


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