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Lars Schmidt at RecFest 2017

RecFest 2017 was bigger and better than ever before, confirming it's placed as the largest event for the in-house recruitment industry in the UK. For one day 800 industry peers gathered for forward-thinking presentations and discussion about the key trends and challenges facing recruitment and resourcing.

RecFest’s incredible speakers were key to its success. Over 30 high talented presenters talked on one of the three stages and shared impacting insights with the industry.

This year the amazing Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify Talent was the host of the Main Stage and the first speaker of RecFest talking about ‘The Future of Employer Branding - What’s next?‘.

With Lars’ vast experience in Employer Branding, he shared his predictions about where he thinks employer branding will be in 2020.

Some key takeaways:

- Employer branding will take us back to humanity in recruiting, allowing us to see the story behind each resume.

- Algorithms and AI will play a strong role allowing better connections between candidates and recruiters.

- Candidate experience improvement. Recruiters can obtain more information about the candidates, their interests and where they spend their time. With this information, recruiters can personalize the experience.

- The use of Bots will also be important, allowing recruiters to obtain immediate feedback from each stage of their recruitment. All this data will allow recruiters to improve their strategy and engage more with candidates.

- Virtual reality is already here but will really take off in the next three years.

If you missed Lars speaking at RecFest, you can watch it here.



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