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How to overcome your main assessment challenges

Assessing talent today should no longer be based on a ‘gut feel’. Subjective processes will often lead to high attrition and short tenures. The key is obtaining data which can highlight applicants who have the capabilities, potential and ‘values fit’ to succeed in your organisation.


At our past event on Assessment, Selection and Screening, our attendees shared and discussed their main assessment challenges. The most common being:

- My company still thinks that competency based tests and interviews are the best way to assess candidates
- Having too many applications for a role and struggling to see the ‘wheat from the chaff’
- How to fight against the CV
- My company doesn’t understand the benefits of using digital assessment technologies


Are you having similar challenges in your resourcing process? Then read on.


Chad Horne (Head of Global Resourcing at Audley Travel) shared with us some great insight on how experiential travel specialists, Audley, is currently adopting a more valid and evidence based approach to assessing candidates. Enabling them to hire the best talent while ensuring high performing employees stay longer.




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Chad highlighted how their objective assessments approach can now identify key behaviours for a successful Country Specialist (booking agent), with those ‘High Fit’ specialists achieving on average 41% more bookings than a ‘Low Fit’.  


So, what was their first step? You have to start by understanding the purpose of an assessment strategy. Defining the why, how and what. For Audley these where:

- Why: Increasing the quality and tenure per hire
- How: having a evidence-based approach to assess candidates
- What? Use of video assessment to get better insight and data to analyse what   GOOD looks like


After knowing your why, how and what you have to think of the problem you are trying to fix and define what GOOD looks like for your organisation. Once you know your ‘good’, you should find an online assessment tool to integrate in the process to make sure you are finding and hiring your ‘right fit’.


For Audley, by knowing what ‘good’ looked like they could hire their ‘right fit’; which has yielded a  46% higher B2B enquiries to booking conversion rate in the process.


Remember, your current best performers are your GOOD so make sure you analyse and measure them. Get to know them, their motivations, their behaviours to understand what it is that makes them your high flyers.


Once you have defined your ‘good’ you are ready to jump into the assessment journey.    


As Chad says, there will always be challenges and apathy shown. Does the following sound familiar?

- “We have always done it like this”
- “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”
- “What about the human touch?”
- “How will we know if it’s successful?”
- “How can our ATS cope?”


But, to overcome these challenges, get to know who your ‘right fit’ is, while building and using data into your assessment process to truly highlight your right fit.


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Chad Horne - Head of Global Resourcing at Audley Travel