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How has digital influenced the way in which you assess and develop talent?

Digital transformation is the hot topic of the moment but it’s not just about the technology being created, it’s also how recruitment is utilising it to positively impact candidate experience and better highlight candidate behaviours.


At our recent event on Assessment, Selection & Screening, Suzanne Courtney (Managing Director of Cut-e) joined us to talk about three key areas of digital transformation and how, if applied correctly, not only can it provide your business with a competitive advantage but also have a positive impact to your assessment process.



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Leadership in the digital age.

Digital has changed the landscape on how companies view and expect their leaders to perform. Traditional virtues, such as possessing strong values, have made way for leaders who behavioural traits are now about empowering others to take decisions, risks and changes. They also need to be engaging and able to cope with the constant state of flux.

So, how do you spot these future leaders?

- First, you need to think about what your leadership roles looks like
- Then, analyse what drives good now and in the future
- Look how you assess your leaders. (Use digital tools)
- For those within the business, use digital coaching to help your leaders succeed


Move to Agile

Forget the ‘waterfall approach’ to new tech within your business, ala planned out, delivered to spec. Now It’s about (still) planning, but ensuring you test throughout and if It’s not fit for purpose you refine and role out continuously. For IT teams delivering this, the flexible and quick paced approach is a more efficient way to get things to market.

For recruiters, in the instance of sourcing these IT experts to be part of a successful and agile team, this means:

- Identifying where the gaps are and who you need e.g. project owner vs scrum master
- Analyse and gather data to confirm what types of roles are required


Digital transformation

What types of behaviours are needed within an organisation to push, promote and develop digital in the future? Suzanne adds that research, undertaken by Cut-e on types of behaviours required to develop an organisations digital objectives, show knowledge as being as important as behavioural traits in assessing how close/far away they are to moving to agile working.


It’s not an easy move to agile working. HR teams need to play a pivotal role in helping to change the beliefs, behaviours and culture of their businesses. Adopting digital tools will help highlight where the risks may be and provide a better chance of success.


Company roles are also changing, some are disappearing while new ones are being adopted. Creating digital systems allows you to plot out what those future roles may look like and how you can use internal resources to upskill into these new roles, potentially becoming those next future leaders.


HR has key role to play in the success of digital transformation, but also recognising that just as important as the technology delivered, are the people and leaders behind it.


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