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4 Top Tips to Overcome the Main Challenges to Hire Tech Talent

A reoccurring theme we’ve discussed is how digital transformation is continuing to drive business change and the effect it’s having on organisations and their resourcing functions. Take developers, with only 16% actively looking for a job, competition is rife for this tech talent with recruiters feeling the heat to fill their roles. 


So, with increasing global demand for these skills and a need to keep pace with the scale, speed and scope of tech developments, it’s vital to understand the motivations of your prospects. Getting ahead of the curve will allow your proposition to stand out from the crowd in attracting and retaining the best candidates.


Ben TaylorStrategic Account Manager at Stack Overflow, speaking at our Tech Talent event, shared with us the results of their Global Developer Hire Landcare Report, and gave some great tips on how to stand out from the pack.


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Ben’s 4 top tips to hiring the best talent:


1  Understand the profile of the developers you’re hiring.

- There are many different developer profiles; Back-end, Mobile and Software Developer being the most common, know who the target pool of candidates are you’re competing for. 

- Most developers are based in the US, India, Germany, UK and Canada so make sure you expand your net to attract those stellar candidates. 

- Recruiters need to be aware that this is a young and developing profession, with 57% of developers having less than 5 years of experience and 75% being under 35. Knowing this, create a realist approach for each hire.


2  Encourage your developers to expand their knowledge and learning.

- 90% of developers are self-taught and have a thirst for learning new skills and languages, with 50% attending coding boot camps, online course, meet-ups… on a regular basis (even if they’re in a role).

- To stand out and retain your talent, an attractive benefit to provide new hires are education and learning and development opportunities.


3  Know the lingo! 

- Get a grasp of  the languages developers love, loathe and want and convey this within your job ads and employer brand activities. E.g. 

- JavaScript devs commonly use programming language.

- If you have Rust in your tech stack, reflect this within your attraction campaign materials. 

- Be aware that Visual Basic 6 is the most dreaded and can be a ‘turn off’ if included within your role info. Conversely, 

- Redis is the most loved database and MongoDB the most wanted, so be sure to highlight these


4  Get to know the salary trends and expectations.

- The median salary worldwide is $55.000 USD, if you can't match this, find other ways to attract the talent. 

- Salary matters for developers, and it matters a lot but play to your strengths. There are lots of other things that matter to developers and if you can’t offer the money, be prepared to consider what's important for them and provide as an alternative.

These could be:

- They are/aren’t interested in fitness benefits or paid meals, so do/don’t highlight these in your ads

- Offer education/leaning support. Allow them to up-skill while on the job

- Offer remote working/flexible hours

- Quality-of-life upgrades i.e. well priced homes, good schools etc


In summary, with the current demand to hire technical roles, it’s especially important to understand your candidates’ motivations and needs. Attract them by highlighting the environment where they will be working and the opportunities you can provide them.


All stats above pulled from Stack Overflow Global Developer Hire Landcare Report


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Ben TaylorStrategic Account Manager - EMEA & APAC at Stack Overflow